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This trick makes blanching vegetables so much easier


With just one simple trick, you can blanch your vegetables perfectly, every time! 

Why blanch? 

Blanching is a great cooking technique, and one that every cook should know. Blanching softens delicate vegetables and leafy greens, while ensuring they retain their natural colors and a little bit of crunch.

But as anybody who has tried it knows, fiddling around with a slotted spoon, and getting your vegetables out of the boiling water and into the ice bath quick enough can be a real challenge! 

The blanching trick

The trick to speeding up and simplifying your blanching is so simple: use a metal colander!

First place the food you wish to blanch in a metal colander, then submerge the whole thing in  the boiling water, ensuring that the level of water is high enough to cover the food. 

When the food has been boiled long enough, carefully pick up the sides of the colander (best to use an oven mitt) and transfer the whole thing to an ice bath. 

With this quick, efficient method, you can control the cooking time down to the second, and save a lot of fuss!


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