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Is Greek Yogurt Actually Better For You?


In recent years, Greek yogurt has come to reign the dairy aisle at the supermarket. But is it any better for you than regular yogurt? We're here to demystify a few myths.

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Greek vs. Regular Yogurt

To answer this question, you need to understand the differences in how the two types of yogurt are made. Both processes begin by heating milk, then lowering the temperature to allow it to ferment before adding the active cultures. These are the bacteria that convert the lactose into lactic acid, which is what makes Greek yogurt taste so tangy and delicious!

The key difference: Greek yogurt is simply regular yogurt that has been strained. This removes most of the liquid whey (the watery milk leftovers), leaving the Greek yogurt with a thicker consistency and a stronger flavor.

But Is It Healthier?

Removing the whey does remove some of the carbs and sugar, making Greek yogurt healthier than regular yogurt in this regard. This, in turn, increases the protein content of Greek yogurt (15-20 g of protein per serving, compared to 9 g per serving of regular yogurt).

However, removing the whey also removes a lot of the calcium and other nutrients from Greek yogurt, making it less beneficial to protecting your bone health.

In The Long Run...

It all comes down to the kind of yogurt you buy, regardless of whether it's Greek or regular. You should always choose yogurt without any added sugars. You'd be surprised: some sugary, flavored yogurts can be just as unhealthy as a bowl of ice cream! Add your own flavor with fruit, honey, jam, or nuts and you'll be even more satisfied.

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