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Almonds and WEIGHT LOSS? Here Are 5 Reasons To Eat More Almonds


You had no idea what all this superfood can do for you!

You've probably heard before that almonds are good for you, but did you know just how good?

It turns out they are loaded with benefits for your body! Here are 5 things they can do for you...

1. Help With Weight Loss

Almonds are one of the best healthy snacks you can reach for when you're on a diet or just watching what you eat. They're loaded with protein, fiber, and healthy fats, all of which will help you feel full and satisfied for longer. That means none of those  diet-busting cravings to ruin your afternoon (and weight loss goals)!

2. Give You Beautiful Skin and Hair

Vitamin A, E, B1, and B6 all contribute to healthy, strong hair and glowing skin – and almonds are packed full of them! Vitamin E specifically can slow the effects of aging and keep your skin bright and fresh. On top of all that, almonds have high levels of magnesium, which encourages hair growth.

3. Aid Digestion

We mentioned before that almonds have lots of fiber, and if there's one thing we're constantly reminded about fiber, it's that it can work magic for your digestion. These nuts will improve digestive functions and keep your metabolism running smoothly. They can also be helpful in combatting constipation.

4. Improve Heart Health

Part of those "healthy fats" we talked about before consists of monounsaturated fats, and these are great for maintaining healthy heart functions. Additionally, almonds have high levels of magnesium, potassium, and protein of course, which all contribute to a strong and happy heart.

5. Boost Your Energy

The good fats, carbs, and protein in these nuts will give you a fantastic boost of energy and revitalize those drowsy afternoons at work. Vitamin E and potassium have also been linked to improvements in memory and brain functions, which means that these powerful little superfoods can fortify your mind in the long-term too.

Ready to incorporate more of them in your diet? Click here to discover all our favorite almond recipes!

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