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4 Huge Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Drinking Bottled Water



These days, it's almost impossible to avoid bottled water. But there are very good reasons to try...

The plastic

You have probably noticed that plastic water bottles become softer after being left out in the sun, right? Get ready for some bad news: plastic can actually dissolve completely if exposed to enough heat, and therefore, drinking water stored in these types of containers can be harmful.

The biggest culprit of this is BPA, a chemical that acts like a hormone and can affect the brain's development in children. However, even plastics that are labeled without BPA often prove positive for other hazardous compounds.

The Scam

Bottled water retailers lead us to believe that our H2O comes from fresh bubbling mountain springs with all kinds of healthy properties. The reality, however, is far more like the interior of a factory. Today it is estimated that up to 25% of bottled water is actually just filled with tap water before being sealed.

Many of the most popular and least expensive brands are guilty of this. Many people seem worried about the quality of tap water and opt for bottled water to be sure; however, the NDRC reports that a four-year review on water industry safety found no evidence to support bottled water being safer.

The Waste

 Of course, plastic bottles are still a problem because they are difficult to dispose of. Are you sitting down for this next bit? Bottles used to package water take over 1,000 years to bio-degrade. 1,000 years! 

And before you think "It's ok, I recycle my bottles!" we have more bad news: only PET bottles can actually be recycled, which is about 1 in 5. Where do all the rest go? Landfill. 

These are non-renewable resources that are unnecessarily used every day: can we really afford to pollute our world to produce non-detachable material when you could just drink tap water or from glass bottles?

The Cost

Now that you know that the plastic bottles are terrible for the environment, and that they are generally filled with tap water, you can see that there is absolutely no reason to buy a $2 bottle of the stuff!

Indeed, the same amount of tap water would cost you less than a penny. 

So why throw your money away? Instead, save up and buy a stylish, sustainable and healthy reusable bottle that you can take everywhere. 


Next time somebody offers you a bottle of water, you know what to say... 


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