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This Is The Most Effective Way To Clean Marble



Marble is a delicate material that can easily absorb oily, greasy or colored stains. Fortunately, we've found 5 effective techniques to make it as shiny as new again. Bonus: Most of the required cleaning items are already hiding in your storage closet!

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WHat Can STain Marble?

In spite of its hard and somewhat opaque appearance, marble is quite porous and can easily absorb liquids. Unfortunately, this also means you can't just wipe them away. Whether you have marble floors, countertops or furnishings, here's what you can do to keep them spic and span.

First of all, pay attention to dyes and stains that can compromise the quality of marble.

What are these substances?

  • Wine, coffee and dark substances
  • Turmeric, curry and yellow spices 
  • Fruit juices and fruit
  • Tomato sauce
  • An excess of cleaning detergent
  • Too much cleaning wax

If you've got any of these kinds of marble stains, here's what you can do about it!

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