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Friday Five: 5 Ways To Wear Heels Without Dying


We all love the way heels make our legs look. But we hate how they make us feel just a few hours after putting them on! At Junggle Women, we believe that the price of beauty shouldn't be so painful.

Here are 5 things you can do to enjoy your high heels without sacrificing your comfort.

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1. Power Strut

Heels may be more comfortable for some people than they are for others. That just depends on the arch of your heel and your natural gait. No matter the shape of your foot, you can always reduce the pain simply by changing the way you walk.

Many women make the mistake of walking in heels the same way they would in any other shoe. The best way to walk in heels starts with a proper posture: keep your head up and your back straight. Check that your core muscles engaged. Whatever you do, don't lead with the balls of your feet. Walk from heel to toe instead.

2. Tape Your Toes

This may sound like the weirdest advice ever, but try taping your third and fourth toes together. It's a trick that's worked for many women! Former supermodel Marie Helvin swears by this rule. 

While there's no hard science to explain why this works, some claim that it helps reduce strain on the nerve between these two toes. No matter how skeptical you are, don't knock it before you try it! You can use regular Scotch tape or buy some nude tape or bandaids.

3. Invest In Cushion Inserts

You can buy different kinds of inserts for all kinds of heels, which add a great deal of comfort. If you're not wearing a sling-back, you can purchase heel liners which will reduce friction and prevent blisters. You can also buy foot cushions that sit right under the balls of your feet to alleviate the pressure.

4. Go For a Thicker Sole

Always try to buy heels with a good platform. Unfortunately, those sleek, razor-thin stillettos you've been eyeing won't be easy on your feet! The thin soles simply aren't enough to give them the support they need. 

5. Stretch 'em Out

Before you go out in your new high heels, give them a good stretching first. Put on a pair of thick socks and walk around your house in them for a couple hours. You'll look ridiculous but your feet will thank you later!


Think you've mastered the power strut? Comment on Facebook to let us know!

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