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Common Food Intolerances & How to Spot Them


Food intolerances are not the same as food allergies, but they're still frustrating to deal with. Sometimes, we don't even realize that our bodies have a hard time with certain foods, but if you've been experiencing certain unpleasant symptoms after eating, you should consider monitoring your diet for potential food sensitivities

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Common food intolerances & their symptoms

Whether it's bloating, headaches, gas, nausea or other physically uncomfortable symptoms, it's true that our bodies are not all equal in terms of which foods they process well and which ones they don't. What's more, we might become intolerant to certain types of foods as we age, due to changes in our digestive processes and the production of various enzymes. To simplify this topic, here are the most common food intolerances and the symptoms you might experience.

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