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5 TIPS: Look irresistible in photos


  Follow these simple tips and never take a bad photo again!


1. Light it up

Sunset lighting, also known as the "Magic Hour" makes absolutely everybody look youthful, glowing and gorgeous. The softer light hides flaws and gives you that just-been-on-holiday look, so whenever possible, shoot at dusk!


2. Stick your neck out

Tired of seeing a weird squashed face in photos that you absolutely  never have in real life? Stick your head out slightly forward during a photo. It feels a bit strange, but it ensures flattering, slim lines and absolutely no double-chin. 


3. Work all the angles

Tilt your face slightly away from the camera to give your face more depth, highlight your bone structure and avoid that flat look that comes from straight-on shooting. Just don't overdo it, nobody needs to risk neck injury!


4. Show me the money

Skip the cheese and say "money!" in your photos. This word actually gives you a more natural, enhanced 'smile face'. 


5. Laugh it off 

Like sticking your neck out, laughing for no real reason feels a bit strange, but laughter is infectious and before you know you'll be naturally giggling, giving your photos an genuinely fun and happy atmosphere. 

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