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The Right Way to Wash Cutting Boards


Cutting boards are an indispensible kitchen tool. We use them to prepare nearly every meal! Due to the constant use, however, cutting boards can become safe harbors for bacteria. It's important to learn how to clean them properly to avoid contamination and disease. Here's how:

How to Clean Your Cutting Board

How to Clean Your Cutting Board

How do you usually clean your cutting board? You probably wash with soap and water, just like any pan or dish.

However, this is precisely what NOT to do! This is especially true when you use it to chop raw meat, since it contains plenty of disease-causing bacteria. Traditional dishwashing detergent is just not enough to do the job!

The only way to completely eliminate bacteria and thus any health risk is to sanitize the board with a mixture of water and chlorine bleach every few months. This way, you'll be able to use the chopping board again and again knowing that it's germ free.

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