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Ever Wondered Why Your Cat Loves BOXES So Much? Here's Why


Whether it's a cardboard box from the mail or an open drawer, our felines love curling up in the tightest spaces possible. But do you know what makes them do this?

If your cat is like most other domestic felines, they're quick to claim any empty box lying around. They might even sneak into open dresser drawers, cupboards, shoes, bowls, and whatever else they can fit themselves in!

This behavior is widely known as normal, but have you ever stopped to think about why?

Cats in the Wild

Most of this has to do with their evolutionary instinct from the wild. Although cats are hunters in their own right, they are also prey to certain larger species. Some of their most powerful defensive skills are their stealth and agility, and hiding out in small spaces allows them to keep their body protected, while also being able to watch the environment around them.

So now you might be wondering: if this is a defensive habit, then why does my cat do this when he is safe and sound at home?

Hiding Out at Home

Don't worry: your cat's inclination to hide out around your home probably has nothing to do with how safe he feels there. It's just plain instinct, and being in a small place can be comforting and relaxing for felines, even when there isn't any danger around. Studies have shown that this reduces stress levels, which even the happiest cat will experience at times.

Staying Warm

Even more, cats like to be warm. Their comfortable temperature is actually between 86° and 97° F, according to a study by the National Research Council, meaning that our normal house temperatures are probably not ideal for them. Although their bodies have ways of generating extra heat or cooling down, this uses up extra energy. So a snuggly little space is the perfect solution!

Curious now why your cat kneads so much? Find out!

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