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These Two Fluff-Balls Might Just Be The Cutest Black Cats You've Ever Seen!

Meet Gimo and Tencho, two adorable felines who are stealing hearts on Instagram.

Une publication partagée par bellcat (@1room1cat) le

Gimo and Tencho live together with their human and two other cats in South Korea.

Their human loves to post pictures of them on Instagram, and it takes just one look at them to understand why...

Une publication partagée par bellcat (@1room1cat) le

Have you ever seen a more photogenic pair?!

No matter what they're doing, they can make it look cute. Whether they're just lying around, taking a snooze, looking up at their human, or enjoying an afternoon snack...

These jet-black balls of fluff make cat lovers all around the world melt, just by being their adorable selves!

Une publication partagée par bellcat (@1room1cat) le

Of course, it doesn't help that their eyes are so darn big and cute! We're just too weak for those giant saucers. How does their human ever tell them no?

Their eyes are how you can tell them apart, too: Gimo has bright yellow eyes, whereas Tencho's are a mellow green.

They both have the same silky, black coat though. Sometimes, you can barely tell what is cat and what is shadow!

Although they might not be quite as invisible as they seem to think they are...

Une publication partagée par bellcat (@1room1cat) le

Their human loves posting cute pictures of them, along with their other two siblings, on Instagram, where they've racked up more than 275,000 followers!

It pays to be cute, people.

But how could we all help it, really? Just look at that face! It's like an adorable, fluffy owl-cat!

Une publication partagée par bellcat (@1room1cat) le

Forget the superstitions of black cats being "bad luck". The only danger these beauties bring is in making us want to adopt all the black cats we can find.

Do you have a black cat at home that has captured your heart? Send us a picture of them on Facebook!

You can find more adorable pictures of Gimo and Tencho on Instagram, and don't forget to SHARE this daily dose of cuteness with a friend!


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