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STOP With The Toxic Chemicals! This Weed Killer is 100% Natural


Stop exposing yourself to toxic chemicals and polluting your lawn!  Use this cheap and natural herbicide instead.

Keeping your garden healthy and beautiful is a lot of work. Most of us turn to herbicides to take care of all those pesky weeds. But the harsh chemicals found in herbicides don't just kill unwanted plants. If used improperly, they can be very harmful for humans and the environment!

Protect your family and the earth from the dangers of herbicides with this natural weed killer. It's affordable and easy to make at home!


Here's what you'll need:

- 4 liters of white vinegar
- 2 cups Epsom salt 
- 2 oz dish detergent


After you mix all the ingredients, here's what you need to do:

- Pour mixture into a spray bottle

- Shake well

- Spray natural herbicide on weeds on a sunny day where no rain is expected (the rainwater will dilute the solution and make it less effective)

Why it works:

This natural herbicide works its magic on three different fronts:
- The white vinegar expells the water from the roots, causing the weeds to whither
- The Epsom salt mixes with the soil and makes it hard for the weed to regrow
- The detergent helps the solution stick to the weed after spraying, making it more effective


The herbicide is really effective, so be careful where you spray it! If you spray it over too wide of an area, you may end up killing the plants you were trying to protect! If necessary, cover the plants with cardboard to shield them as you apply the herbicide to the weeds.


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