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Friday Five: 5 Reasons You Look Bad In Photos (And How To Fix Them)


Want to up your Instagram game but can never seem to take a good photo? Don't despair! It's not like anyone is born photogenic. It's very hard to take a good photo (not all of us have professional staff on hand, like the Kardashians). Luckily, you can learn how to look better in photos easily!

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1. You're too stiff

If you always pose with your arms at your sides, you probably look too stiff and unnatural. Give the skinny arm a try! Simply placing your hand on your hip will draw the eye to the waist and make you look slimmer. It will also give your posture a boost, which brings us to number two...

2. You're slouching

This is especially important when you take pictures while seated. Perch yourself on the edge of the chair and elongate your spine. Simply adjusting your posture will change your silhouette and make a huge difference.

3. You're not wearing the right clothes

The most flattering clothes are dark colors. Like the skinny arm, they slim us down and allow us to showcase our best assets. If you're still looking to add a pop of color, try wearing bright jewelry or posing with a colorful handbag.

4. Your smile is off

Many times, mostly when you've been posing for too long, your smile will come off as flat or forced. Try to think of something that makes you happy while getting your picture taken, or ask to take a break to relax your facial muscles. You can also just try smiling with your eyes for a sultry look (a technique known as squinching).

5. The angle is too low

You might look great in real life, but the camera is often not so forgiving. But don't let one unflattering angle get to you! Next time someone takes a picture of you, ask them to hold the camera a bit higher. The best angle is going to be at your eye level or higher.


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