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How To Wash Your Sheets Like A 5-Star Hotel


We all love staying in hotels for the pampering and comfort. One thing that never fails to impress us are those impeccable sheets that look as though they've never been slept in. How do they get the sheets to stay so white and soft? Luckily, there are a few tricks you can do at home to get your bedroom looking like a 5-star hotel. 

How To Wash Your White Sheets

How To Wash Your White Sheets

Here are a few fundamental steps you can take to get sheets that are snow white and soft to the touch:


- Never fill your washing machine to more than 80% capacity. If you overload it, your clothes and sheets will not come out perfectly clean. They may absorb the detergent, which can leave unslightly residue.


- Wash your white sheets in hot water at around 130°F. Lower temperatures fail to remove stains and won't get them that bright white color you're looking for.


- Finally, the secret to getting soft hotel-quality sheets: white vinegar. Just add half a cup to your load before the rinse cycle. It's cheaper and more effective than store-bought fabric softeners. It's also 100% natural!




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