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How To Remove Sticky Glass Labels


If you want to reuse empty glass jars or bottles, it's often hard to get rid of those unsightly labels. There's always glue or other residue that never seems to come off! Luckily, we know a trick that will get rid of those labels for good.

How To Remove Glass Labels

How To Remove Glass Labels

You've rubbed again and again but the adhesive residue just won't go away! You probably never thought of using this handy spread. That's right: peanut butter. It may seem weird, but this trick actually works!

Once you've managed to scrape off most of the sticker, spread some peanut butter on the glass. Rub it in gently as though you were exfoliating your skin. Leave it for 10-20 minutes before rinsing with soapy water.

And there you have it — the glass is left clear, shiny, and good as new. Almost like magic!


Try this trick on your empty wine bottles or jam jars! For more crafty wisdom, check out all the things you can do with plastic bottles.


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