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How This Morbidly Obese Couple Lost Nearly 400lbs


Debora and Fernando, a loving Brazilian couple, have been through a lot in the past few years. Following gastric band surgery, they managed to lose a combined 400lbs, with each shedding at least half their body weight. Just how did they do it?


A Shared Weight Loss Journey

A Shared Weight Loss Journey

For this Sao Paolo-based couple, life was hard before they decided to go through with weight loss surgery. This was especially true for Debora, who had a tough time losing the pounds from previous pregnancies. She eventually began to notice significant physical and mental problems, and even developed depression following her massive weight gain.

On top it all, the couple suffered from food addiction. They confessed to reporters that they were spending $1,600 every month on food and would often devour several pizzas just between the two of them. Their addiction had gotten so extreme that they used a fridge as a bedside table for easy late-night snacking.

The couple continued to pack on the pounds to they point where they had to pay for a king-sized hotel bed that had collapsed beneath them. Their obesity soon took a toll on their sex life, as intercourse became increasingly difficult. One day, they reached their breaking point: Debora went through with gastric band surgery in 2010, and Fernando one year later.

A New Life

A New Life

No longer morbidly obese, the couple has turned over a new leaf. After undergoing the procedure, they have stuck to healthy eating habits that they made sure to pass on to their children. That means no more chips and soda: a rule that applies to the entire family.

We'd just like to congratulate Debora and Fernando on their incredible weight loss journey. You both look better than ever!


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