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Today,  summer days mean that women everywhere start breaking out their mini shorts and showing some skin... but did you know that there was a time when men joined in this fad too?

That's right: there was a time when SEXY short shorts were in style for everybody!

Image: © Waring Abbott

Can you imagine a time when men understood what it felt like to have the sun beaming down on your thighs... the freedom of the summertime breeze keeping you cool... the horrible sticky-leg-syndrome you get every time you sit down on anything...

Image: © Reddit - @Eliade1

Although a guy sporting shorts like this today would likely garner more than a few stares, this look was totally normal back in those days.

So normal that even celebrities were caught on camera sporting this popular trend! (Now you really know that we're not just making this up...)

Arnold Schwarzenegger

John F. Kennedy Jr. (Image: © Reddit - @peachesofjoy)

The '70s were a weird time, y'all!

What do you think of this crazy throwback trend? Should the guys bring it back again?!

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