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Adidas Model Poses With Hairy Legs, Sparks Outrage


Women have body hair. That may not be news to you, but the sight of it in an Adidas ad has upset quite a few people. Swedish artist and model Arvida Bystrom recently appeared in the company's Superstar campaign. Why all the fuss? Turns out she didn't shave her legs.

© Instagram - @arvidabystrom

The Controversial Photo

The Adidas ad campaign received mixed feedback. While many people praised the model for rebelling against beauty norms, several others reacted with disgust or disdain. Arvida replied to the nasty comments on Instagram: "Me being such an abled, white, cis body with its only nonconforming feature being a lil leg hair. Literally I've been getting rape threats in my DM inbox. I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to not posses all these privileges and try to exist in the world."

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