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Where to Find the Best Burgers in America


Looking for a great local burger joint? Here, we've compiled a list of places that serve up some of the best burgers in America. All of them have excellent global ratings on Google Reviews, TripAdvisor and Yelp (at least 4 stars) and are known for their delicious burgers. Note: we did not include popular regional burger chains or fast food chains. This is also by no means a comprehensive list of every awesome burger spot in the country, but it covers some good ground.

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Loretta's Northwesterner - Seattle, Washington

Loretta's Tavern may be first and foremost a local dive bar, but it also offers a decent menu of sufficiently hearty grub to soak up whatever people are drinking. That includes a simple drive-in style cheeseburger that happens to be exceptionally good. The burger is composed of a thin patty, nicely charred and topped with just a handful of condiments: pickles, onions, special sauce and melted cheese on a toasted white bun. If you've got a big appetite, you may need to order a double or two. 

Pictured: Tavern burgers, single & double cheeseburgers

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