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The Mind-blowing Reason KFC Follows 11 People On Twitter




What do Victoria Beckham and Herb Dean have to do with fried chicken?


What Makes These Accounts So Special?

What Makes These Accounts So Special?

Who would have thought that being followed by KFC on Twitter was an honor afforded to a select few? At a glance, the names don't appear to have any significance. What do the former Spice Girls and a few guys named herb have to do with America's favorite fried chicken restaurant chain?

Luckily, Twitter user @edgette 22 unearthed the real reason behind KFC's selected accounts:

It's the answer you've all been waiting for! KFC follows 5 Spice Girls and 6 Herbs to pay homage to the 11 herbs and spices used in the company's original fried chicken recipe. The top secret blend was kept under wraps until Colonel Sanders' nephew accidentally revealed it to the world in 2016.

People can't get over this clever move on the part of KFC's marketing team, claiming that they have officially won the Internet. Ford's Chief Brand Officer Musa Tariq even offered whoever runs the KFC Twitter account a job!


Regardless of whoever came up with this ingenious PR stunt, the world just can't stop talking about it. What a way to pay tribute to KFC's coveted recipe!


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