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Foods Your Freezer Should Never Be Without


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Shredded Proteins

Pulled pork, shredded beef, lamb and chicken are all excellent options to have in the freezer to help you throw together last-minute meals. The next time you make some, double the recipe and freeze half for later. This is especially easy if you prepare shredded meats in the slow cooker or Dutch oven. And some recipes yield such big batches, you don't even need to double them.

When ready to freeze, let cool completely and store in sealed, freezer-safe containers or bags. You might want to leave a little room for the food to expand, which might happen as it freezes. To re-use, simply thaw the meat in the fridge overnight or reheat from frozen if you have time to do so. If it was originally prepared with a sauce, we also recommend freezing that separately and serving it with the meat when you use it again, to keep it moist and flavorful.

Here's the fastest way to shred chicken.

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