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What Is 'Girl Dinner' And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?


The minimal-effort meal trend labeled 'girl dinner' has taken over TikTok — but what is it?

What Is 'Girl Dinner'?

What Is 'Girl Dinner'?

In recent years, we have collectively come to the realization that the internet can be a weird place, and with TikTok trends and viral news, it's difficult to predict one hype from the next.

One of the latest storms to errupt on the internet is the 'girl dinner'. From the New York Times to CNN, people have been discussing what it is, if it's healthy, and why people are eating it.

Well, in short, a 'girl dinner' is a snack plate made by one person, for the consumption and enjoyment of one person - and usually that person is a girl (or woman) in her 20s or 30s, whose had a long day at work and wants something cheap, easy, and picky for dinner.

We know, the world is a strange place these days.

And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

The trend started when Olivia Maher, a showrunner’s assistant - currently out of work because of the writers’ strike - posted a video on TikTok comparing her 'dinner' to that of a medieval peasant's. In the video, she shows viewers her 'dinner' of grapes, pickles, bread, and cheese. And a glass of red wine, of course. Maher went on to explain that it's her 'ideal meal'.

While the French have been snacking on such items and calling it apéro for centuries, and the Spanish have been socializing over a table of tapas, these 'picky bits' as the Brits apparently call them, seemed to have caused offence to some. But why?

Some Say It's Problematic, But Is It?

Some Say It's Problematic, But Is It?

When Maher spoke to The New York Times about her unexpectedly viral dinner choice, she said, "it feels like such a girl dinner because we do it when our boyfriends aren't around and we don't have to have what's a 'typical dinner' – essentially, with a protein and a veggie and a starch."

According to the TikTok folk, a 'girl dinner' can vary from person to person, but the main point is to put in little to no effort, and basically eat what you want. Some TikTok takes on the 'girl dinner' have included a large popcorn washed down with a soft drink, a plate of pickles (yes, just pickles), and in a video created by one TikTok user, simply a glass filled with ice. We think the latter may have been for comical purposes, surely?

While it may all be in the name of fun, some have expressed concerns claiming that this online behavior screams problematic diet culture.

Nutritionist Amelia Phillips said the food choices of these young women have the "potential to insight disordered eating in this young demographic".

Just A Little Fun or Something More Serious?

Just A Little Fun or Something More Serious?

Others are voicing their opinion on the fact this trend echoes the 'supermodel diet' of the 1990s, when cigarettes and a Diet coke were deemed enough to get you through the day, and still look 'attractive'. 

No matter what your opinion we know one thing for certain; not many people would say no to bread, cheese, and a glass of wine, but let's make sure there's proper dinner following! 

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