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How To Make Perfect Ice Tea



I can already hear you saying, "You just make tea and then chill it!"


But actually, it's not that simple. 


Sure, you can just make a normal cup of tea and then add ice cubes, but you risk ending up with a very bitter drink (due to the differerent water temperatures and infusion times for various types of teas.)


Real ice tea is made by room-temperature infusion.


How to make ice tea:


Put loose tea leaves in a pitcher filled with room-temperature water, and let infuse for 30 to 40 minutes, depending on whether you're using green tea or black tea. 


If you use filtered or bottled water, the tea will taste even better. 


Use 3 teaspoons of tea per quarter gallon of water.  


When it's finished infusing, strain the tea leaves and let cool in the fridge, or add ice cubes if you're in a hurry.


And that's it!



Which tea should you use? 


The best ice tea is made with flavored teas, like berry or peach teas, for example. 


How to take it one step further


By adding fresh fruit. (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pieces of fresh melon, peach, etc.) Not only will your pitcher of ice tea look beautiful with colorful berries and fruits bobbing around, but it can also transform your beverage into a light and refreshing summer dessert!



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