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TOO COOL: 10 ways to instantly chill your beverages!


SO COOL: 10 ways to chill your beverages instantly!

For those times when you don't have access to a refrigerator or simply don't have the time to wait for a drink to cool down for several hours, here are 10 tips to chill your drinks fast—so you can have a crisp thirst quencher anytime, anywhere!


  • Tip 1 : Water + ice cubes + salt 

To chill a can or a bottle in just minutes, place the beverage in a salad bowl filled with water and ice cubes. Add 2 tablespoons salt and wait 2 minutes. In doing so, the salt and water combo will absorb the heat from the bowl. So you can get your drink colder by a whole 50 °F with this method!


  • Tip 2 : Ice bucket

To chill your drinks, make a homemade ice bucket. Pick a container a tad bit larger than a bottle, such as a beer keg or wine cask. Cut off the top of the keg or cask. Pour a bottle of water into the container and place the bottle into the water. Store in the freezer for several hours. Once frozen, remove the bottle, and you've got yourself a fresh homemade ice bucket!

You can do the same thing with 2 salad bowls of different sizes. Fill a large salad bowl with water, and place the second salad bowl also filled with water on top. Or fill it with something heavy so that it doesn't float to the surface. Place the bowls in the freezer for several hours until frozen, then remove the top salad bowl. Voila! You'll have a little frozen basin to keep your bottles nice and cool.

Try adding some flower petals or chopped fruits into the water beforehand—they'll freeze in the ice and bring a nice little decorative touch to your ice bucket.


  • Tip 3: Damp dishcloth

No fridge or freezer on hand—just a bit of water and sunlight? No worries! Here's an easy solution. Wrap your bottle in a damp dishcloth, and place it in the sun. The humidity from the dishcloth will cool the contents of the bottle while drying. This method is extremely popular with craftsmen who work outdoors.


  • Tip 4: Natural watering hole

If you're lucky enough to be near a pond, river or other natural watering hole, you can quickly cool down your beverages. Tie a string around the bottlenecks and plunge them in the water. As natural water is usually fresh and cool, it'll help your drinks reach the right temperature. Make sure to seal the bottles closed however (they need to be airtight), otherwise you could end up with some fish or seaweed in your drinks!


  • Tip 5: Compressed air duster

A compressed air duster will cool your bottles down in seconds. Simply spray them, and serve.


  • Tip 6: Wine cubes

If you've ever tried fruit ice cubes, why not try wine cubes, orange juice cubes, etc. They'll be perfect for refreshing your cocktails and impressing your house guests the next time you're hosting a party at your place.


  • Tip 7: Fruit cubes

In order to avoid diluting your mixed drinks and wine, try freezing pieces of fruit that will serve as ice cubes. For example, to chill a white wine or glass of rosé, freeze some grapes: wash and place them in the freezer for several hours. Make sure they're not touching. They'll turn into natural ice cubes that won't spoil the taste of your drinks!


  • Tip 8: Paper towels + water + refrigerator

Got a sudden fresh beer craving? Here's the solution. Wrap your bottle in damp paper towels (2 or 3 sheets is enough), and place it in the fridge or freezer. The humidity from the paper towels will cool the bottle down quicker. 


  • Tip 9: Frozen water bottle + pitcher

Another way to cool beer quickly is to place a frozen water bottle into a glass for several minutes. Remove the bottle then pour in your beer. Wait a bit before serving.


  • Tip 10: Winter sports

Take a trip to the mountains in the'll have a natural freezer available 24/7.


Now it's your turn! 



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