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Put SALT In Your Shampoo To Solve Your Worst Hair Problems


Salt surprisingly offers a wealth of benefits for your crowning glory! It improves hair health, stimulates growth, and treats scalp problems. Salt also exfoliates the scalp and prevents excess hair sebum. Read more to find out how.


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1. Reduce Sebum

If you have oily hair, you might consider adding salt to your shampoo. Regular use of salt removes excess sebum, which is caused by the overly active sebaceous glands in your scalp.


Just add 2 or 3 tablespoons of salt to the shampoo that you regularly use. After washing, your hair will feel lighter and less oily.

2. Fight Dandruff

Dandruff forms from dead skin cells on the scalp. Salt will stimulate blood flow to your scalp as well as exfoliate the skin. In addition, salt will also protect the scalp from fungus formation.


All you have to do is apply the salt directly to the scalp and massage for 10 minutes, wetting with a bit of water. Then wash and rinse.

3. Stimulate Hair Growth

Salt prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth. It's a natural stimulant that's rich in the minerals necessary to revitalize your hair!


Wash your hair as usual, then massage your scalp with salt for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. Repeat this procedure twice a week for two months.

Which Salt Should I Use?

There are several types of salt that you can use, but we reccommend sea salt. Rich in minerals, sea salt strengthens hair follicles and nourishes the scalp. For treating hair loss in particular, we recommend using table salt.

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