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6 Things You Didn't Know About Wine



1. Not all wine bottles are the same size

Apart from the standard 25 fluid ounces bottle, there are also magnums, half bottles or even quarter bottles called 'piccolos'. 


2. You can never finish a glass of Hungarian Eszencia

Why? Because Eszencia, one of the best Hungarian sweet wines, is so syrupy and thick that even if you turn the glass upside down, you can never get to the last drop!


3. A champagne cork can fly up to 66 miles an hour

That's the fastest record, whereas the average speed is more around 40mph. That's fast enough to break a window or seriously hurt someone, but still pretty far from how fast a tennis ball can go.


4. In Irish, 'wine' is 'fion' 

In Vietnamese its 'rou' and in Hungarian it's 'bor'. 


5. The first wine drunk in America was Spanish

In 1492 Christopher Colombus brought wine with him from Spain; it was most likely Xeres wine, a wine that ages well without oxidizing. 


6. The country that drinks the most wine is the Vatican

Ok, so statistics can be misleading sometimes. But because the Vatican is the smallest country in the world, they drink the most wine per person. 


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