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All About Gochujang


A Korean red chili paste, Gochujang is typically made with red chili, glutinous rice powder, fermented soybeans and salt. Other ingredients are added (depending on the brand), which could include sugar, garlic, or onion. Gochujang was present in Korean culture as early as the 18 century and is used in a wide variety of Korean dishes. Sunchang County, a mountainous region in South Korea, is famous for its Gochujang. You can find Gochujang in most every kitchen in Korea and around the world.


Where to buy

Gochujang can be found in Asian markets or ordered online through Amazon and other vendors.


How to pick it

Always look for authentic Gochujang made in Korea preferably Sunchang.


How to store it

Gochujang can be left at room temperature until opened. After opening store in the refrigerator, sealed air tight for up to three months.



Gochujang adds a salty, spicy depth of flavor to an endless list of dishes, use as a condiment with bibimbap, bulgogi or lettuce wraps. Add it to soups, stews, or use it in a marinade for meat or tofu. Introduce Gochujang to your breakfast by mixing it with your potatoes or eggs.


We like it with


Korean Pancakes 



If you like the taste of Miso, Gochujang's salty spicy flavor may become your new go to condiment. 


Blogger Expert

Sandra, from Sandra's Easy Cooking knows her Korean food and condiments. Read her blogger of the day interview here.

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