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Breakfasts from around the world



Most Americans generally like to eat the same thing for breakfast. We like cereal, toast, eggs, bacon and maybe the occasional omelet. 


But breakfast favorites vary immensely from country to country. What might seem a little too odd, way too spicy or far too complex for an American breakfast might just be someone else's cup of tea.


Check out these breakfasts from around the world to see what other countries like to eat in the morning. 


1. Northern India


Breakfast in Northern India is usually made up of flatbread served with vegetable curry, scrambled eggs with chilies and cilantro, yogurt and various types of chutneys and pickles. Spices are used heavily and definitely wake your body up more than a cup of coffee does!




2. Japan


A standard Japanese breakfast includes miso soup, pickles and white rice, often served with a fried or raw egg, and seaweed to eat with the rice. The Japanese also like to drink green tea with breakfast.





3. The Netherlands


'Hagelslag' is a very popular breakfast option in the Netherlands. Basically it's milk or dark chocolate sprinkles that are spread on top of buttered toast. If opting for a salty breakfast, then it's toasted bread with butter and either a slice of cheese or a slice of cold cuts, such as ham or salami. Coffee is usually drunk black or with milk, also known as coffee 'verkeerd'.




4. Morocco


Breakfast in Morocco almost always includes sweet mint tea, bread, cakes made out of semolina and different types of flatbreads served with honey, jam, Argan oil, olives and cheese.




5. Vietnam


Breakfast in Vietnam is no different to lunch or dinner. Common dishes include Pho soup, Bo Bun, sticky rice, steamed rolls stuffed with ground pork or glass noodles with seafood. 





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