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All About Lamb


The term “lamb” refers to any ovine or sheep, raised for human consumption and one year old. Lambs are usually slaughtered between the ages of four and twelve months.


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In Season: Year round, but the best lamb is found during May and June. 


How to pick it: The amount of care the lamb received while being raised plays a large role in the flavor and texture of the meat. That is why the highest quality meat will come from farms, where the lambs are raised in a pasture. If you want grass fed, look for the label “100% Grass Fed”, as other labels claiming grass fed meat may only be half pasture raised. Talk to the butcher to find out more information on how the lambs were cared for. The color of the meat will vary between white and red, depending on the age; the fat should be creamy and white.

How to store It: The meat can be stored just as any other meat: in the fridge for a few days, or in the freezer for longer periods.

How to cook It: Lamb tastes best when slow cooked until no pink remains, but dry heat methods work well if the meat isn’t over done. Cut off excess fat before cooking  and let the meat rest after cooking to allow the juices to flow and so that the meat can loosen up.

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