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All About Bananas


Your favorite on the go fruit can be used in a variety of dishes. Bananas are thought to have originates in West Africa and pack a nutrient dense punch. High in vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, potassium and soluble fiber, its clear to see why the portable fruit are part of most Americans' days.


Bananas can be purchased year round as they don’t have a specific growing

How to pick it

Bananas can be bought yellow or green depending on when you’re wanting to use them. 

How to store it

Bananas are typically found on most countertops, stored at room temperature. However bananas can also be stored in refrigerator. This will cause the skin to turn black, but the fruit will still remain fresh inside the outer coating.

How to prepare it

Try peeling your banana from the bottom to avoid the stringy parts that seem to inevitably appear when peeling.


For a savory spin try plantains! 

Bananas vs Plantains


Banana bread with Chocolate Chips 

Banana pops

Vazhaikkai Puttu (A savory Indian side dish made with coconut, green chili, curry leaves and, of course, banana!)  


You can place your green bananas inside a paper bag to expedite the ripening process.

Fun facts

Bananas are considered a botanical berry like avocados and grapes

Bananas float in water

The average United States citizen eats 27 lbs. of bananas per year!

The banana split was invented in 1904 by a 23-year-old soda fountain worker in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

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