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Kitchen HACK: The FASTER Way to Cook PASTA


Ditch the pot and the strainer. This technique will cook your pasta in a mere fraction of the time.

Courtesy of Kevin and Amanda

They say that a watched pot never boils. But did you know that you can ditch the pot entirely?

Pasta is often an easy, delicious meal that you can throw together for weeknight dinners. But sometimes, it can take too long to cook... until now!

Courtesy of the Beautiful Life

The technique

Lay your pasta in a large frying pan and cover with a little cold water (this will prevent the pasta from sticking together). Heat and stir occasionally until the pasta is cooked through, adding a little water if you need to.

Most of the water should evaporate, so you don't even need a strainer! The leftover pasta water in the pan can be added to the sauce that will accompany your meal.

There you have it: a pasta cooking technique that will save you time and energy.


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