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Kitchen HACK: Keep Bananas From Turning Brown


This little trick will keep your bananas fresh for 3-5 more days.

Do you like bananas? Chances are, you've probably encountered the banana quagmire.

You buy a bunch of firm, green bananas at the store — thinking you'll have tasty, fresh bananas all week — and before you know it, the whole bunch is brown, mushy, and overripe! Many a brown banana has ended up in the trash, but it doesn't have to be that way. What's the solution?


Image via © BargainHound Blog

To keep your bananas fresh for longer, wrap the stem (or crown) in plastic wrap. This blocks ethylene gas, a ripening agent produced by all fruits, from being released. The bananas will still continue to ripen, but at a slower pace. This should give you up to 5 more days to enjoy them!

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