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Cooking ProTip: Use This Chef's Trick To Seriously UP Your Dish's Flavor


Ever wonder how restaurants get their dishes to be so flavorful?

If you've been adding spices, but your dishes your dishes aren't quite turning out as alive as you'd like, then you're probably skipping one crucial step. 

When using dried herbs, don't just sprinkle them... crush them hard between your palms as you add them to your dish. This helps release their natural aromas, and will be reflected in your dish. 

Try it out for yourself: take some dried rosemary, and smell it. Now crush it between your fingers and smell it again — notice the difference? It should be much more potent. 

Finally, make sure you're using dried spices that are less than a year old (if already opened). Or use fresh herbs, which trump dried herbs for flavor any day. 

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