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10 Awesome Ways to Dress Like Food This Halloween


10 Awesome Ways to Dress Like Food This Halloween

'imitation is the highest form of flattery,'
So for the love of food, try these great halloween costumes.


Bacon and Eggs

There is no stronger love than the marriage between Bacon and Eggs at breakfast. So, naturally, any couple who serves this up come Halloween, is by every definition, winning at life.


Bacon & Eggs Costumes


Keep ON ROLLIN' Sushi Roll

This seemingly bite-sized outfit is cute, practical and soy awesome.

 Sushi Roll Costume


Full O’ Beans

Inexpensive and easy to achieve for maximum awesomeness. Simply wrap yourself in some plastic, stuffed with blown up water balloons and strike a pose. See more delicious candy ideas here. 

Full O' Beans Costume


Go Gaga Meat Gown

Channel your inner Lady Gaga and don a meat dress.
Well, not literally, bit gross. Though a nice tie-dyed robe will do just as well. Complete with a fake plastic steak fedora.
Avoid a backyard barbecue setting. 

Meat Dress Gown

California Gurl

Katy Perry’s dress is easy for those who want to look extra delicious this Halloween. A blue wig and a handful of cotton balls, topped with cherries and you’re ready to go!  

California Gurl Cupcakes

Cute Cupcake

Cute as a button cupcake costume is perfect for those who refuse to believe the cupcake craze is dead. Use the foam of pillow stuffing to swirl 'icing' around yourself and decorate as desired.

Cupcake Girls Costume


Gingerbread Man

A multi-use costume for Halloween and Christmas. The only downside is that you may be asked if indeed, you do know the muffin man? And if your gumdrop buttons are edible? Carry a basket of real gingerbread to keep guests quiet. 

Gingerbread Costume

Chinese Food Box

A great group costume idea because we all know one box of yummy Chinese food is never enough. For added authenticity, use soft ropes to create noodles to spill out of the box.

Adult Chinese Take Out Costume



Piñata Costume

A fun, colorful and creative idea for kids and adults alike. Just be careful that no wise guy keeps prodding you with a small stick. Carry a bag of candies to throw at, er give to, guests.

Pinata Costumes

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