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Clean Your Oven SAFELY and ORGANICALLY With This Ultra Simple Home Remedy


We didn't believe this at first, either... But we were wrong!

Most of us prioritize hygiene in our lives, both for our bodies and our home. When it comes time to clean our kitchen surfaces, appliances, and more, an easy habit is to go to the store and simply pick our a few industrial products to use, either because of convenience or advertising or just not knowing any other way to do it.

Often, though, these products can be toxic and detrimental to our personal health, causing fumes that we breathe in, often without even realizing it.

Thanks to this clever homemade trick, though, you can ditch the chemicals. Now you have a natural solution to cleaning your oven, and many other areas and surfaces in your home!

Lemon and Baking Soda: The Dream Team

Here are the simple steps to follow:
- Remove any food particles or grime.
- Gather 6 lemons (or use a bottle of lemon juice).
- Have a hearty amount of baking soda on hand.
- Pour the lemon juice and baking soda into a container and mix. (The mixture will get fizzy.)
- Once the mixture reaches a paste-like consistency, apply the paste to all the surfaces of your oven.
- Leave for about an hour, then wipe down everything.
- Use a lemon half to wipe the glass and metal surfaces and the oven racks.

Your fresh, citrus-scented oven is now ready for you to use and enjoy!

Go over the instructions again with pictures in this video:

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