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The Top 5 Least Fattening Drinks


Just because you're watching your weight doesn't mean that you need to give up your pre-dinner glass of Merlot! After teaching you how to never cry when cutting an onion, Gourmandize has decided to share the top 5 drinks that will do the least damage to your figure (that is as long as you also don't drink too many of them!)




1. Apple cider

It may not be a very glamourous drink, but it's definitely a light one. At the end of a glass of cider, you'll only have a mere 50 calories to burn off in the gym - which is a great reason to switch to cider. Plus, if it's made of apples then it counts as a serving of fruit, right?


2. Port

A small glass of port (which is far too sweet to drink a large glass anyway) only contains about 90 calories. So don't let its sugary taste fool you into thinking it's fattening, because port is a great drink to sip when on a diet. 


3. A glass of champagne

A flute of this luxurious drink has only about 100 calories, which is definitely nothing to write home about. So why not enjoy a little more champagne on a daily basis? After all, life is too short to not drink champagne every day!


4. A light cocktail

Heavier alcohols like rum or vodka don't necessarily need to be banned from your liquor cabinet. 4 cl of vodka (the standard serving size for a cocktail) has less than 100 calories. So why not make the most of this great news by experimenting with lighter cocktails, such as a raspberry martini. This summery cocktail contains fresh raspberries, vodka and a dash of raspberry liqueur, making it a chic yet light option. 


5. A glass of wine

The classic favorite, a glass of red wine is the equivalent of a bit more than 100 calories. And white wine contains just a few more calories than red, but not by much. Not to mention all the good antioxidants and polyphenols that are found in red wine. Now you have plenty of reasons to dig out that fancy bottle of Bordeaux you've been saving!


So now you know exactly what to sip to enjoy happy hour, guilt-free! Cheers!


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