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Top 10 ways to never cry from an onion again!


We all hate that dreaded moment of kitchen prep when the time has come to chop the onions. Mascara starts running as the tears start flowing, making us seem far less like a kitchen-goddess than we like to admit!


So to help you out, here are our top 10 foolproof tips to never shed another tear while cutting an onion!




1. Put the onion in the freezer for 10 minutes


2. Peel it under a running faucet


3. If you're feeling crazy, peel and chop the onion with your eyes closed and while holding your breath!


Worst case scenario, it costs you a finger


4. Light a match and put it between your teeth.


Who needs lips anyway?


5. Fill your mouth with water. Don't swallow. 


6. Make sure your knife is super sharp


Then your onion will cry, instead of you!




Ok, but seriously though...




7. Chow down on some chewing gum while chopping


8. Peel the onion with your mouth wide open and while sticking your tongue out. 


9. Wear your favorite pair of sunglasses.


10. Open the kitchen window. 


For optimal efficiency, combine steps 7-9 and you're sure to make your neighbors giggle!



And if you're really desperate,


Option 1: beg your sweetheart to do it for you


For better or for worse, right?


Option 2: Buy pre-chopped, frozen onions. 


Let's all just take a minute and appreciate the convenience of frozen onions. It's not being lazy, it's making your life easier. 


What about you? What are your top tips when peeling an onion?

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