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My Potato Salad


I've taken a family recipe and made it my own. It's a mayo based potato salad that my mom used to make and I've added a few "secret" ingredients that I think really make it better!

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  • 1-5 lb bag of red potatoes
  • 1 medium yellow or vidalia onion
  • 1 carrot
  • 6 hard boiled eggs
  • 1 1/2 cup mayo
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup milk
  • salt & pepper
  • This recipe can be doubled or even tripled as needed.


Servings 5
Level of difficulty Average
Preparation time 15mins
Cooking time 20mins
Cost Average budget


Step 1

Place the entire 5 lb bag of red potatoes into a pot big enough to hold all the potatoes and cover with water and turn them on to boil. Peeling the potatoes is a preference. My niece would only eat the potato salad if the potatoes weren't peeled....but my husband only likes them peeled. So go by what your family likes. Usually my husband will just forgo the potato salad anyway, so I normally don't peel the potatoes. Hard boil the 6 eggs as well.

While you are waiting for the eggs and the potatoes to cook, take the one onion and grate it using either a box grater or a food processor. You want that onion juice. Next grate the carrot. When the eggs are done, peel them and set aside two of the eggs for a garnish and take the other four eggs and chop them up. Mix the grated onion, carrots and chopped eggs together into the cup and a half of mayo and then add just a 1/4 cup of milk. You are wanting to make it into a thick dressing like consistency. If it looks and feels too thick than add a bit more milk, a generous pinch of salt and a generous pinch of pepper and just set aside in the fridge.

Once the potatoes are just cooked through (they must be thoroughly cooked!) take them off the heat and drain the water. You then want to let them cool just a bit, not too much, you really want them to be quite warm so that they will absorb the dressing. After letting them cool just a little bit, you will want to cut them into pieces. Not too small, as some breakage will happen upon mixing. As soon as you are finished cutting into pieces, pour the mayo/onion/egg dressing mixture over the potatoes and stir, being careful to not break up the potatoes too much. Taste for salt, if it need a bit more, now is the time to do so. Slice the remaining two hard boiled eggs into round slices and use as a garnish on top of the potato salad. Then just refrigerate until time to serve. The longer it sits, the better it tastes.


Letting the mayo/onion/egg mixture sit in the fridge while the potatoes are cooking lends to a better flavor.

Making sure that the potatoes are cooked all the way through makes for a better potato salad. No one wants to bite into a half cooked piece of potato.

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