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Growing Up Gourmet: Why More Moms Are Making Homemade Baby Food


The emerging trend of homemade baby food caters not only to the culinary, elite, or environmental consumerist, but rather it coincides with the country’s overall transition toward a more balanced blend of the health-minded and economically conscious consumer.  Homemade baby food serves up a balanced blend between the health–minded and economically conscious consumer.



Biting big into this craze are advocates against America’s rising obesity rates.




The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Protection) reported in 2012 that more than one third of children starting as early as possible can make all the difference. and adolescents were obese – and that the main influences for the ‘caloric imbalance’ are actually genetic, behavioral and environmental. Not enough are fighting this trend, and that's why starting as soon as possible will make all the difference. 




The more complex and whole foods your child ingests as an infant, the more likely he is to grab a bag of carrots over chips.




A child’s tastes start forming as soon as the first bite of puree touches his or her tongue.  By the time the child's eating patterns have successfully transitioned from a milk or formula based diet to table food, they are less receptive to the idea of new foods and flavors.  By opting for a healthier lifestyle starting at your baby's birth,  you help your child make similar decisions later on in life. As described in our Baby Corner, you can start choosing recieps with whole foods right away. By walking past all of those processed jars, you are making the best choices for your baby. It only makes sense that fresh vegetable puree will be tastier and healthier for a tiny growing body than preservatives that have been sitting on a shelf. Feed your little one with baby food filled with real food! 




Creating baby food fit for future foodies is now almost child’s play.


Thanks to multifunctional devices like the Beaba Babycook, making homemade baby food is no longer the time-consuming and labor intensive task it once was. The entire cooking (and cleaning) process is centralized, making baby food creation a fun and invigorating task to be proud of. Your baby’s enjoyment of that first fresh bite will affirm your choice to forego those mini jars of goop (is that really sweet potato or just a brown blob?).



Save money and jump start your family’s health and fresh factor by opting for homemade baby food! 



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