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Foods that you should never, ever reheat


Some foods can't stand the reheat! Here are 11 foods that you're better off cooking once and finishing or eating the leftovers cold.

Be careful what you reheat

Not all foods are meant to be reheated. Some dry out and lose all their flavor, while others become unfit to eat when they reach a certain temperature and are potentially toxic. Here are 11 foods you should handle with caution—or give them a cold recipe makeover instead!

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I found most of these hard to believe without some more solid back up than the author's word. After seeing the comment about leftover chicken needing to be heated to an internal temperature of 165 I knew the author has no idea what she is talking about. Once chicken is cooked initially to a safe internal temperature it has eliminated the original risk. Beyond that if you can eat it cold you certainly do not need to worry about the internal temperature if you are re-heating it.

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