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10 Scary Halloween Foods That Went Too Far


Delicious yet disgusting, ThEsE Halloween plates are sure to terrify!



My goodness, who on earth would serve these terrifying appetizers, desserts and dinner dishes?  

Behold, when creepy and creativity collide!



1. Monster Meatloaf Zombies

This dish is beyond creepy!

Gory Meat Face



2. Witches Finger Cookies

They have the added benefit of dirty-looking fingernails.

Witches Finger Cookies




3. Apple Hand Pies

Why does this hand look burnt?

Apple Hand Pies


4. Peach Jello brain

The resemblance to a real brain is uncanny!

Jello Peach Brain


5. Fully Sick pumpkins

Add some pumpkin puree in there for a full-on vomit effect!

Vomiting pumpkins



Human Torso Appetizer

In case you needed an exact diagram to show you where your food goes...

 Human Torso Appetiser




7. Bowl O’ Bones

Make sure the dog doesn't steal one of these!

Bowl O' Bones



8. Halloween Pizza

This pizza is terrifying!

Scary Pizza



9. Draculas Dentures

This cookie sandwich is guaranteed to get some screams!

Draculas Dentures



10. Roach Dates Stuffed WITH Cream Cheese

Did you ever notice that dates kind of look like bugs? Yuck!

 Have you ever made creepy Halloween food?

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