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10 Edible Decorations for your Christmas Tree


10 décorations à croquer pour sublimer votre sapin de Noël

Usually when decorating the Christmas tree, we go for balls and bows; tinsel and sparkling lights.

Well we've decided to try edible decorations this year! Not only are they fun to make, but throughout the holiday season, we can enjoy eating them too!



Christmas cookies

Les biscuits

You can make cookies of all shapes and flavors: try making a gingerbread cookie dough and cut into Santa shapes, Christmas trees or stars. Then have fun with the frosting! Use food coloring and add stripes, polkadots, buttons and santa hats.


Les sablés en rouge et vert

Try some flavoured shortbread like this strawberry flavoured shortbread and cut into fancy shapes. The decoration is up to your imagination!

Candy canes

Le sucre d'orge

Candy canes are great as all you need to do is hook them onto the branches. It's very tempting to eat these before Christmas day so you may want to make sure you have extras to replace them!


La cannelle

Tie little sticks of cinnamon together with a pretty ribbon and tie them to the tree. Not only will they look pretty, but the smell will add an extra Christmassy feel to the room.


Le pop corn

All you need is some thread, a needle and some popcorn! Clever eh?!

Dried Fruit

Les fruits séchés

Cut oranges into round slices, leave them to completely dry out and attach some thick string through a hole. 

chocolatE BALLS

Les boules en chocolat

You can try making Christmas balls entirely out of chocolate! We have a preference for these Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Balls, easier to thread through and tie up. But warning, these must be eaten quick before they melt! 


candied oranges in chocolate

Les orangettes et autres fruits confits

These are a real Christmas favorite. Buy or make some candied orange slices, dunk in chocolate, leave to dry, tie into bunches and place on the tree!


Entire Edible Tree

LE sapin qui se mange tout entier

Why not go all the way this year and present an entire edible Christmas tree for dessert! Make a couple of large gingerbread or chocolate sponge cakes, cut into shapes with cookie cutters, decorate with a cream cheese frosting and dispose in a tree shape! 


And there you go, Christmas decorations you won't be boxing and storing until next year! The biggest challenge is trying not to eat them all before Santa comes!

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