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OAT MILK: What It Is and Why the World Is Going Crazy For It


First there was soy, then there was almond... Now brace yourselves for the reign of the next new milk alternative.

On the heels of Starbucks introducing almond milk in thousands of their locations across the US, the latte lovers and cafe enthusiasts of the world have discovered yet another delicious way to enjoy their beverages: infused with oat milk.

What is it, exactly, you ask? It's made by soaking oats in water, so really it's not a traditional milk at all. It's 100% dairy-free! After being blended and strained, the resulting creamy liquid tastes reminiscent of porridge. Sounds pretty good, right?

Just as almond milk offers its own uniquely sweet taste, oat milk doesn't just pretend to be regular milk. It brings something new to your palate! Add it to your coffee or espresso drinks and suddenly they have a new delightfully sweet, grainy, wholesome flavor that you just can't get with any other type of milk.

And of course, this isn't just limited to lattes and cappuccinos. Try substituting oat milk in your cookies, cakes, puddings, or any other recipes where you might normally use milk. Its uses are limitless, and it might just give your baked goods that extra touch of delicious you never knew they needed.

Ready to try it, or still attached to your go-to favorite milk? Let us know in the comments!

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