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5 Things You Should NEVER Put In The Microwave


We've all had those moments when we ask ourselves, "Can I put that in the microwave?" But if you're really unsure, always double check before you attempt anything. Otherwise, you can have a big, messy explosion or even potentially start a fire.

What not to put in the microwave

What not to put in the microwave

Paper Bags

Always remove your groceries or food from paper bags and wrappings. Otherwise, they could potentially release toxins that might result in a fire.



Styrofoam is often used for take-out containers from local restaurants, but do NOT use them to reheat your leftovers. The reason being that styrofoam is a type of plastic that could melt and release harmful toxins into your food.



Eggs will burst within seconds when heated in the microwave. This obviously creates a huge mess that's annoying to clean, not to mention wasted food. You can, on the other hand, crack the eggs into a mug or bowl, whisk them up and microwave them briefly for "quick-fix" scrambled eggs.



Aluminum Foil

Just like any type of other metal, aluminum foil should never be put in the microwave. It can easily catch fire if you do.


Hot Peppers

Odd, but true. If you put any type of hot pepper in the microwave, it could potentially catch fire. Also, the heat can extract chemicals from the peppers that could burn your eyes upon opening the microwave.

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