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The ultimate guide to making a Big Mac at home (secret sauce included)


Erfahrt hier das Geheimnis der BIG MAC-SOßE 

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The Big Mac sauce is full of mysterious and unattainable ingredients—or at least that’s what you've been told all this time. Guess what? Chef Dan Coudreaut's  (Executive Chef for McDonald’s) best kept secret is out. And truth be told,  it's not very difficult to make your own batch at home. The only ingredients you need for the much-coveted sauce can be found at your local grocery store. 


Here's the recipe:

The so-called "secret" of the Big Mac sauce lies in the contrasting flavor combinations of sweet and sour ingredients. Combine mayonnaise with cucumber relish and medium-hot mustard. To this mayonnaise mixture, add white wine vinegar, garlic and onion powder to taste and a pinch of paprika to get that signature coloring. Stir the mixture well and you're done. How easy was that?  It goes without saying, but for a true Big Mac, use only fresh beef patties, traditional sesame seed hamburger buns, onions, pickles, fresh iceberg lettuce and American cheese slices.


How to build a Big Mac:

Cut the bun into three slices of even thickness. Coat the bottom and middle slices with 1 tablespoon secret sauce each. Then dice up the onions, chop some fresh iceberg lettuce, and spread the crunchy bits over the two slices. Add 1 slice of American cheese on top, and a couple of dill pickle chips. Carefully stack the layers together, and close with the top bun. There you have it—a homemade Big Mac done easy. Enjoy!

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