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The Shocking Truth About Bell Peppers


You're not going to believe this...

They're on the one of the tastiest vegetables in the world. Fresh, grilled, roasted, tossed in a salad or on top of a pizza, chances are you eat peppers all the time.

You may have a favorite: is it red, green, or yellow? Or perhaps you love them all — a bite of bitter green today and a serving of sweet red tomorrow. Some are cheap, some are expensive...  Surely they must be different plants if they taste so different.

But what if we told you they're all the exactly same vegetable?



Yes, everything you thought was a lie. The different colors don't mean they're different types of peppers... It's all the same vegetable, just in different phases of ripening. 

We know, this must be hard to take. Did you know already? 

Well, if this didn't shock you, guess what: peppers are a fruit. 



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