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Are You Cleaning Your Oven Often Enough?


If you're like most people...probably not. But here's why you should be!

Many of us use our ovens multiple times a week, maybe even every day. So it's no surprise, when you think about it, that it can get pretty gross in there!

So when's the last time you cleaned it?

If you're like the majority of people, it was too long ago, and it probably doesn't happen frequently enough. It's recommended to give it a thorough scrub at least once a month, and you should be cleaning out any dropped bits of food and wiping it down every week.

What happens when you don't clean it regularly enough? Well, other than the fact that the task will get harder and harder the longer you put it off, your oven also doesn't function as well as it gets dirtier.

It won't be able to reach the proper temperatures as easily if there's too much grime and burnt food lining its surface. Even more, the taste of the food you're baking might actually get tainted by those crusty bits as well!

Also, even though the heat of the oven will probably keep bacteria from accumulating in drastic amounts, it's still very likely that germs will begin to develop over time, depending on how much you use your oven and just how long you wait to clean it.

Ready to give it a good scrubbing after all this? Avoid all the harsh chemical products and try this SAFE and ORGANIC method instead!

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