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7 Surprising Ways You Can Use Bread Around The House


We're always buying bread at the supermarket...and then wasting it by throwing it out once it's gone stale. Before you toss those leftover slices, consider these easy, alternative ways you can use bread around the house... 

1. Clean Tablecloths

Oh no, someone has spilled wine all over your nice white tablecloth! Don't just dab at it with a napkin. Press a piece of bread over the stain before the liquid has a chance to soak through. The bread will absorb the spill, making it easier to lift the stain before it's too late.

2. ...And Works Of Art

Do you have any paintings at home? Your prized artworks are bound to collect dust over time, and they're far too delicate for any cleaning chemicals. The solution: use a slice to gently remove the dust from the surface. The spongey part of the bread should do the trick!

3. Leave Your Walls Sparkling

Your walls are often subject to scuffs, smudges, and fingerprint stains. Simply rub a piece of bread over the wall, then it will look good as new!

4. Banish Unwanted Odors

We love to cook and we love to eat - but we don't love the strong, lingering smells that our meals often leave behind. This often happens when you're steaming broccoli. Rather than avoid your favorite vegetable, simply place a cut up piece of bread at the bottom of your pot. Then add the cooking water and steaming basket. The bread will absorb most of the odors from the broccoli as it cooks, keeping your kitchen smelling good.

5. No More Onion Tears

Enough with the waterworks! If you put a piece of bread in your mouth while chopping onions, the bread will help absorb the gas from the onion that irritates your eyes. You might look silly while doing it, but it's better than crying all the time!

6. Pick Up Shattered Glass

Accidents happen. After a glass or a dish breaks, you can quickly sweep it up or vaccuum the broken pieces. Even then, you probably still wear shoes or take extra care not to step on a tiny shard that you might have missed. But if you run a slice of bread through the disaster zone, even the smallest glass pieces will stick into it and you can safely remove them.

7. Grow A Thriving Garden

Stale bread isn't just a an ingredient for human food - it can be used to feed plants as well. Dry the pieces of stale bread in your oven then add it to the soil. The added moisture and nutrients from the bread will help your plants grow!


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