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Shake it off: 10 ways to replace the salt in your cooking


Want to reduce your salt intake without turning your dishes bland and tasteless? Here are 10 sneaky ways to trick your palate. 

When too much is too much

Excessive salt consumption can be a risk factor for a slew of heart-related ailments. Recent federal data shows more than 90% of Americans are getting too much of the stuff. If you suspect you're among them, here are some simple ideas to tame your sodium habit when cooking your meals.

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Chef Tips and Tricks

VIDEO: Easy Carb-Free Pepper Toast


  • Pepper
  • Shrimp (already cooked)
  • Tzatzíki 
  • Coriander


Slice pepper and place slices in the toaster

Mix Tzatzíki and shrimp

Spread the mix onto the toasted pepper

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