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Top 20 Best Ever Beer Snacks


Some foods go down better with beer than others. Here are our top 20 picks for the best beer snacks ever!

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Buffalo Wings

What else are you going to drink to wash down a plate of spicy, sticky buffalo wings? Beer brings the perfect cooling  aid, along with your celery sticks and blue cheese dip. Vegetarians can always sub cauliflower if they don't want to be left out. Get the recipe here.

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Chef Tips and Tricks

VIDEO: Sweet Potato Toast

Did you know you can toast sweet potato slices... and it's absolutely delicious!


  1. Slice an avocado in half.
  2. In a bowl, combine avocado with half an onion (diced) and coriander. 
  3. Add the juice from half a lemon and some salt, and mix.
  4. Cut a sweet potato into 1/2 inch slices.
  5. Place in a toaster, making sure to toast both sides. 
  6. Spread the avocado mix onto the toast. Enjoy!

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